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Super Duplex Stainless Steel Sheet & Plate Hitesh Steel holds an extensive stock of Super Duplex stainless steel plate and is one of the few companies to keep both S32750 and S32760 material grades. All stock plate is manufactured by Western European steel makers, third party inspected, and certified. Plates are stocked which is designed to minimize fabrication costs for our customers by reducing the amount of welding required. The large format also gives us the opportunity to make the best possible use of each plate when "nesting" the shapes required by our customers. Given the specialised nature of this type of steel it is no great surprise that the majority of our sales are made in cut and processed form. For more details of our stock range in Super Duplex plates, click on the following : UNS S32750 UNS S32760
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Duplex Steel Plates Duplex Steel Plates possess excellent resistant against corrosion and feature superior mechanical strength that makes these deliver longer service life. Providing better construction support in comparison to carbon steel as well as conventional stainless steel, the superior mechanical strength of these duplex steel plates also makes these lighter in construction as well as more compact in terms of finish. Further, the superior duplex micro-structure also provide improved stress corrosion cracking resistance as desired by the customers. Application These can be used in pressure vessels, heat exchangers, in construction of effluent scrubbing systems, in construction of bleaching equipment & stock-handling systems, in construction of fans, shafts, press rolls, in construction of cargo tanks, in construction of bio-fuel plants and others. Available Standards : ASTM, ASME, SA 240 Available Grades : S 32550, S 32750, S 31803, S 32205, S 32760.
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Duplex Steel Round Bar Duplex Steel Round Bar are recognized for superior general, localized as well as stress corrosion resistance properties with high strength and impact toughness which makes these deliver optimum performance in various applications. With superior lower thermal expansion as well as higher thermal conductivity, these come with yield strength which is about twice of austenitic stainless steel. These steel round bars also feature excellent mechanical strength as well as corrosion resistance that also allows for lighter construction as well as in achieving compact system designs. Application Industrial fabrication as well as in other general construction and fabrication based applications. The superior duplex micro-structure also helps in improving stress related corrosion cracking resistance of steel.
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Duplex Steel Flats Duplex Steel Flats are available in austenite as well as ferrite composition. The yield strength is double in case of austenitic stainless steel, thus the flats made from duplex stainless steel are well utilized in supporting desired loads. Properties Stress resistant Corrosion resistant Excellent toughness Superior erosion fatigue Lower thermal expansion Further, the superior mechanical strength of these steel flats also allows lighter construction as well as follow-up of compact system design finish. The presence of superior duplex micro- structure also allows for improved stress corrosion cracking resistance.
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Duplex Steel Buttweld Fittings Duplex Steel Butt weld Fittings possess superior mechanical strength that allows fabricators to achieve superior construction standards as well as compact fitted finish. Also having superior resistance against corrosion, the presence of high corrosion resistance also allows more up-time in comparison to conventional stainless steel. The high strength, excellent impact toughness as well as superior resistance against general, localized and stress related corrosion also make these fittings most preferred in defined work areas Duplex steel Buttweld fittings are available as per the following specifications:- Types of Duplex steel buttweld fittings Duplex Steel Buttweld Elbow Duplex Steel LR Bend Duplex Steel Stub End Duplex Steel Buttweld Nipple Duplex Steel ButtweldTee Grades ASTM / ASME SA 790 UNS No S 31803, S 32205, S 32550, S 32750, S 32760